I really do.  Because the truth of the matter is that I can never know.  Here I am, sat at my desk and my intention is to write something about perfection.  I caught myself not wanting to post on here until I had a fabulously perfect gem of an idea that would write itself and be terribly meaningful and worthy.  Don’t get me wrong, it does happen like that sometimes (although the jury’s out on meaningful and worthy – meaningful and worthy to whom, I wonder).  But only sometimes.  And sometimes I just want to say a tiny weeny little bit of something but I don’t because I don’t think it’s chunky enough or gutsy enough or any flaming thing enough.

Well – enough!  I am sitting here and have been momentarily distracted by a spider who’s made her web outside my window.  A fly just flew into it and out she came busying herself with the job in hand (detaching aforementioned fly, taking it to her lair) and now she’s settled in for some more hanging about.  Literally.

When we were in Sicily on retreat recently, we did a meditation together called Doing Nothing.  25 mins of being sat in the meditation space but with no agenda.  No meditation to do, no specific way to sit, no outcome required.  Just lounge about a bit.  Move a bit, stretch a bit, sleep a bit, dream a bit – whatever.  This can be more challenging to people than meditation.  At least with meditation we can kid ourselves that we’re doing it to get somewhere (oh, the irony!  There is nowhere to go and nothing to get!) but Doing Nothing strips all that back, because there is bugger all to achieve.

My teacher, Daizan, once told me about a practice that I love which is based on Doing The Next Thing.  A meditation with a different flavour, but a great practice nonetheless.

Put some time aside, 25 mins or so, just to do whatever turns up next.  Nothing planned or organised.  Just whatever turns up.

This is the game I’m playing with this blog.  There was no plan.  Just whatever turned up next.

And here we are!