IMG_20171101_113536744Hello!  I’m Kim.  I write sometimes, record videos sometimes, wander off round the world sometimes.   It’s all a bit hit and miss, frankly.  I go through spurts of doing stuff on here and then not.

I’m a middle-aged female solo traveller and if you want to come travelling with me via the medium of this blog, you’re all very welcome.

I’m hoping (am a huge novice) to introduce some tags to make things easyish to find.  They’ll be:
#meditations (that I’ve recorded)
#solotravelling (recommendations or ideas of where to go and what to do)
#reflections (on how the world turns up)

I’ll also use the following tags, so you can decide which medium you’re interested in:

I founded Serenity Retreat in 2010.  The aim being to offer soul nourishment to solo travellers in Lefkada, Greece.

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