I Have Always Been Here

Fabulous piece by John Tarrant, author of ‘Bring Me The Rhinoceros’ and other Zen works and the Director of the Pacific Zen Institute. I Have Always Been Here is a really lovely  article about making friends with ourselves, and as a bonus it’s a very pleasant read just for the sake of reading 🙂  

Mind drivel

This is a great example of perceptions. I arrived in Greece to the following comments – all made within three days.  You look well, have you put on a couple of kilos?  You look well – you’ve lost some weight!  Oh I like your hair, it was blonde last year?  You look younger this year!… Read More


I make myself laugh. Sometimes just because I’m bloody funny and sometimes because I have an old pattern that wants other people to think a certain way about me.  And the thing is that the afore-mentioned ‘certain way’ changes all the flaming time.  If only I could be consistent! This afternoon I stopped and filled… Read More