I Have Always Been Here

Fabulous piece by John Tarrant, author of ‘Bring Me The Rhinoceros’ and other Zen works and the Director of the Pacific Zen Institute. I Have Always Been Here is a really lovely  article about making friends with ourselves, and as a bonus it’s a very pleasant read just for the sake of reading 🙂  

Mind drivel

This is a great example of perceptions. I arrived in Greece to the following comments – all made within three days.  You look well, have you put on a couple of kilos?  You look well – you’ve lost some weight!  Oh I like your hair, it was blonde last year?  You look younger this year!… Read More


I make myself laugh. Sometimes just because I’m bloody funny and sometimes because I have an old pattern that wants other people to think a certain way about me.  And the thing is that the afore-mentioned ‘certain way’ changes all the flaming time.  If only I could be consistent! This afternoon I stopped and filled… Read More

A Compassionate Weight?

A friend of mine was recently indirectly criticised about her weight. It set off an avalanche of feeling, not only in her, but in me, in her telling of the story. Judging somebody by their weight is easy pickings.  It can be a great way to feel a bit superior but it’s also a sadly… Read More